Spectorsoft Announces Splunk Enterprise Connector to Deter and Detect Insider Threats Within Big Data Environments

VERO BEACH, FL — October 7, 2014 — SpectorSoft, a leader in the user activity monitoring and analysis market, today announced a connector for Splunk Enterprise from Splunk Inc. (NASDAQ: SPLK), the leading software platform for real-time operational intelligence with more than 7,900 customers, including more than half of the Fortune 100. The new connector enables Spector 360 to deliver user activity data and alerts to Splunk implementations so IT security operations teams can rapidly detect and deter insider threats including security breaches, data theft and fraud. Joint customers gain greater visibility into potential insider threats with rapid correlation of computer and network activity data with employee activity data within the Splunk console.

This is especially crucial now, because insider threats are on the rise. Our recent SpectorSoft 2014 Insider Threat Survey revealed that approximately 65 percent of IT respondents reported they had experienced an insider attack, but with an estimated 75 percent of all insider crimes going unnoticed, a large majority of organizations likely have been affected. Insider threats are notoriously difficult to detect, but Spector 360 helps Splunk users identify the subtle human behavioral patterns that indicate improper use of authorized access—from phrases used in email to the moving of IP to a personal cloud—and initiate further investigation or immediate action. Spector 360 brings visibility into user actions performed within applications, behind encryption or on cloud-based solutions.

Spector 360 empowers IT security teams to detect insider threat activity because it flows detected indicators to Splunk as event alerts. If an alert warrants a closer look, Splunk adminstrators can quickly review activity in context by checking the Spector 360 database for details on user or group activity and then take appropriate action.

“Insider threats are not easy to detect, as they involve individuals that have been granted proper access but use that access improperly. By including user activity data and alerts from Spector 360 in Splunk implementations, our customers can reduce the risk of security breaches, data theft and Fraud,” said Mike Tierney, COO of SpectorSoft. “This adds a dimension of analysis that enables data from computer and network activity to be correlated with employee activity data, providing a level of insight that is unprecendented in the industry and ultimately protects a company‘s valuable assets.”

The Spector 360 connector for Splunk Enterprise is generally available and can be downloaded here: http://apps.splunk.com/app/1768/

SpectorSoft is a Level 3 sponsor of the Fifth Annual Splunk Worldwide Users’ Conference .conf2014 being held October 6–9 at the MGM Grand Las Vegas. .conf2014 features more than 150 sessions, including more than 70 customer presentations and is expected to attract more than 4,000 IT and business professionals. SpectorSoft will be in booth A3.

SpectorSoft Announces FREE Disk Monitoring Software

VERO BEACH, FLSept. 24, 2014 — SpectorSoft™, a leader in the user activity monitoring and analysis market, today announced availability of SpectorSoft FREE Disk Monitor™, a set of capabilities formerly only available for purchase within the proven SpectorSoft Server Manager software product. SpectorSoft FREE Disk Monitor provides small IT teams a convenient dashboard for monitoring disk space and ensuring resource availability across all their network storage resources. The software comprises a comprehensive set of disk monitoring and file utilization features not found in other free products.

While the complexity of disk monitoring has increased during the past few years, so have other business-critical demands on scarce and expensive skilled IT personnel, who are expected to manage all aspects of a fast-changing environment and keep systems running seamlessly. Effective utilization of resources is key in every department within an organization. Ensuring proper management of disk space is critical to a business continuity plan. Running out of disk space can result in a loss of services, unproductive users, and potentially corrupt data. FREE Disk Monitor provides one convenient place to monitor the entire network storage resources.

Product Details

SpectorSoft FREE Disk Monitor tracks disk space and utilization, directory and file sizes, temp file information, and file and folder permissions to protect data and ensure storage availability. A single easy-to-navigate dashboard displays all critical disk resources information, including:

  • Free disk space
  • Utilization
  • Smart predictive failure notifications
  • Directory size
  • Large or temporary files
  • Access permissions
  • File extension breakdown
  • Active or idle files

Users can view disk monitoring information in real time on a dashboard, receive scheduled email notifications, and also post the data to an Intranet web server or write it to a SQL database.

About Server Manager

SpectorSoft Server Manager™ offers server monitoring and event log management scalable for large enterprises or small businesses, while remaining extremely cost-effective. Customers can proactively monitor and manage the performance and traffic on the network, while fulfilling HIPAA, PCI DSS and SOX compliance requirements. The client/server architecture enables users to manage the network and receive desktop notification from any location.

Free Availability

Previously, organizations could only get Disk Monitoring capabilities by purchasing them as part of the SpectorSoft Server Manager product. To get FREE Disk Monitor, users can now download and install a trial of Server Manager that will last for 30 days. Once the trial expires, users enter the license for FREE Disk Monitor to receive unlimited ongoing disk monitoring functionality.

For the latest news and developments on SpectorSoft and the user activity monitoring and analysis software market:

More Disk Monitor Information:


Download/ Free License Request:


SpectorSoft Survey Reveals Overwhelming Majority of Enterprises Unable to Deter, Detect or Detail Human Behavior Associated With Insider Threats

VERO BEACH, FLA.—August 21, 2014—SpectorSoft, the leading provider of insider threat detection solutions, today announced the results of a survey of 355 IT professionals regarding their experiences with the prevention and detection of insider threats within their organizations. The survey revealed an overwhelming majority of organizations are unable to detect or deter insider threats, leaving them vulnerable to fraud, data breaches and IP theft. Sixty one percent of respondents said they do not have the ability to deter an insider threat. Another 59 percent admitted they do not have the ability to detect an insider threat, while, 75 percent stated that they do not have the ability to detail the human behavioral activities of an insider threat. These last two statistics are surprising since insider threats originate from some type of human criminal behavior.

Even more alarming, 61 percent of respondents do not believe they are adequately prepared to respond to insider threats.
The nature of insider threats—an authorized person misusing his or her authorization—makes it difficult to detect such attacks and protect against them. While the percentage of insider threats has stayed broadly consistent in the last ten years, the total number of such attacks has increased dramatically, resulting in $2.9 trillion in employee fraud losses globally per year. In the U.S. alone, the most recent year on record, organizations suffered $40 billion in losses due to employee theft and fraud—but chances are that even more fraud went undetected.*

Evidence suggests that just 10 percent of employees account for 95 percent of incidents, which indicates that the vast majority of employees are trustworthy. But it’s hard to know who these employees are and how to prevent threats, especially because, according to the 2014 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, “most insider misuse occurs within the boundaries of trust necessary to perform normal duties.”

The Verizon report also laid out interesting statistics related to insider threats. According to the report, some of the top industries facing insider threats are real estate, transportation and manufacturing. However, all industries are at risk if they do not have the proper precautions in place. Insider espionage targeting internal data and trade secrets is becoming a bigger issue, with more and more companies having their sensitive data exposed as a result of not being in a position to deter, detect and detail malicious behavior. Privilege abuse, unapproved hardware/software (BYOD), email misuse and data mishandling are some of the behaviors putting companies at risk, the report concluded.

Key Inhibitors

In correlation with these statistics, the results of the SpectorSoft survey reveal that organizations are facing a number of obstacles when it comes to dealing with insider threats. The number-one inhibitor cited was a lack of available technology solutions, with 55 percent of respondents choosing that option. Half of the respondents claimed not to have the budget needed to support such initiatives, and about a third of respondents stated that a lack of staffing prevented them from being adequately prepared to respond to insider threats. A lack of internal staff and training was also mentioned as a big challenge (36 percent).

Key Motivators

Nearly half (49 percent) of respondents believe that detecting insider threat behavior is most important to their organization in terms of prevention. Deterring insider threat behavior was cited as the second biggest priority (41 percent), and detailing insider threat human behavior lagged behind at 10 percent. When responding to insider threats, the majority (69 percent) believe a prevention-centered approach is most important, whereas 31 percent believe a detection-centered approach is most important.

“These statistics paint a bleak picture when it comes to securing company data against insider threats,” stated Rob Williams, chief marketing officer at SpectorSoft. “With so many data breaches happening, C-level executives are coming to the realization that their jobs could be on the line if company data isn’t protected. Proper defense must include a comprehensive security solution, and with humans involved, education is just as key. The market is ripe for a new approach to internal security.”

Survey Methodology

Survey respondents were IT security professionals within organizations conducting business in the U.S., Latin America and Europe. The organizations ranged in size from SMBs to enterprises, and respondent job titles ranged from IT to specific security-focused roles.


** Source: 2013 US State of Cybercrime Survey, CSO Magazine, U.S. Secret Service, Software Engineering Institute CERT Program at Carnegie Mellon University and Price Waterhouse Cooper, June 2013.

SpectorSoft Announces Updated Version of CNE Investigator: New 60 and 90-Day Term Licensing Options Give Customers Greater Flexibility

VERO BEACH, FL – July 8, 2014 – SpectorSoft Corporation, the leading provider of insider threat detection solutions, today announced the availability of Spector CNE Investigator 7.6.

With this new release, SpectorSoft will offer customers 60 and 90-Day Term license options.

Research showed that an overwhelming majority of internal investigations wrap up in 90 days or less, these new license options allow the employee monitoring solution to also satisfy the needs of immediate, focused, temporary investigations.

The new release also includes website categorization making its investigative capabilities even more robust. “Knowing which websites employees are visiting is key to understanding how they spend their time and whether an organization has a problem or not,” said Rob Williams, CMO at SpectorSoft. “CNE Investigator already provides our customers with all the websites that an employee visits during an investigation, but now we’ve added website categorization to better understand what those visited websites are and quickly determine patterns.”

Spector CNE Investigator is an affordable, forensic-grade employee investigation solution. It captures all employee computer and internet related activities, from websites visited, emails sent/received, chats, keystrokes typed, screen snapshots, to identify potential threats to your company, your customer data or your employees’ jobs. Once deployed, Spector CNE Investigator immediately sends notifications of inappropriate computer use directly to IT security teams’ email accounts, providing organizations with concrete evidence that exposes insider threats, employees involved in data theft and loss, fraud, breaches, compliance violations and other non-productive behaviors.

For more information on Spector CNE Investigator visit www.spectorcne.com.

No Apologies by Sybil Bartel

//ws-na.amazon-adsystem.com/widgets/q?ServiceVersion=20070822&OneJS=1&Operation=GetAdHtml&MarketPlace=US&source=ss&ref=ss_til&ad_type=product_link&tracking_id=pohoerprho-20&marketplace=amazon&region=US&placement=B00I15VKWI&asins=B00I15VKWI&linkId=RMY3C2TP2VSDLVWP&show_border=true&link_opens_in_new_window=trueCheck out this brand new offering by Sybil Bartel.

NoApologiesNever apologize

Hard-edged rocker Graham Allen has it all. He’s flush with cash from playing bass in a band by night and restoring classic cars by day. And there are plenty of women willing to share his bed for a night, complication-free. Perfect, because if there’s anything he learned from his past, it was to never get attached—to anything. So when bartender Carly Sullivan flashes her innocent smile, Graham isn’t prepared for what happens next.

Never fall in love

Two rules, that’s all Graham has—never apologize and never fall in love. He knows Carly is everything he should avoid. Cheerful and sweet, she has “relationship” written all over her. But Graham can’t stay away from her probing questions and concerned blue eyes.

When Graham discovers Carly is hiding a crushing secret, he’s prepared to risk it all. Until in one single moment, everything changes and Graham’s past threatens to collide with his future. His life is crumbling down around him, and soon no apology in the world can save him.

He should’ve known to walk away.

91,000 words

“Set aside a few hours to read this one straight through, because once Graham crawls under your skin, he’s going to stay there till the very last page. He’s edgy, dirty — and so hot. Graham’s tension practically vibrates off the page as he considers changing his ways. His methods of self-destruction are emotional, wicked and truthful. Carly’s story is equally painful, and at times these two seriously crush your heart as they try to learn what it means to trust and set the past free.
Graham Allen restores cars and is the moody bass player in a local band, using women for no-strings sex and taking the edge off with the occasional random fight or a fast ride on his Ducati. He doesn’t let anyone get close. Carly, the pretty bartender at Graham’s neighborhood haunt, makes him want to change his own rules. Except she has her own heavy baggage, putting her completely off limits. Everything changes when they decide to take a chance on being friends, and slowly Graham realizes that he doesn’t have to let the past control him any longer — until he makes a startling discovery.”

Reviewed By: Anna Dougherty – RT Book Reviews

SpectorSoft Wins Best Fraud Prevention Solution in SC Awards Europe 2014

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – 7 MAY, 2014 – SpectorSoft, the leading provider of insider threat detection solutions, is pleased to announce it was selected as the Best Fraud Prevention Solution at the SC Awards Europe 2014. Spector 360 Recon was selected from a group of finalists representing the best the information security industry has to offer. The announcement was made 29 April, 2014 at the SC Awards ceremony held at the Grosvenor Hotel, Park Lane, London.

“We are extremely pleased to have been chosen for this prestigious award,” stated SpectorSoft COO Mike Tierney. “Spector 360 Recon is a special product, and to have that recognized by the SC Awards Europe 2014 panel of judges validates that. We’re happy to provide valuable user activity monitoring as an integral piece to a complete corporate security strategy.”

Hundreds of vendors and service providers entered the product/service categories. SpectorSoft was selected as the winner by a judge’s panel that was hand-picked by members of SC Magazine’s editorial team. These judges include representatives from end-user companies, analysts and independent consulting firms and academia—many of whom are practicing and former CIOSs and CIOs.

“After being narrowed down to a select group of finalists, our judges poured over the entries to thoroughly compare each product against its peers,” said Illena Armstrong, VP, editorial, SC Magazine. “SpectorSoft’s Spector 360 Recon was selected as the winner in this year’s SC Awards Europe for its ability to best meet the needs of its customers.”

The SC Awards are is recognized as the most prestigious mark of achievement for information-technology (IT) security professionals and products. The annual awards showcase the best solutions, services and professionals working to fend off the myriad security threats in today’s corporate world. SC Magazine distinguishes the achievements of the security professionals in the field, the innovations happening in the vendor and service provider communities, and the dedicated work of government, commercial and nonprofits. For more information and a detailed list of categories and winners, please visit www.scawardseurope.com.

About SC Magazine

SC Magazine provides IT security professionals with in-depth and unbiased information through timely news, comprehensive analysis, cutting-edge features, contributions from thought leaders and the best, most extensive collection of product reviews in the business. By offering a consolidated view of IT security through independent product tests and well-researched editorial content that provides the contextual backdrop for how these IT security tools will address larger demands put on businesses today, SC Magazine enables IT security pros to make the right security decisions for their companies. Besides the print magazine and vibrant daily website, the brand’s portfolio includes the SC Congress and Expo series (Chicago, London, New York, Toronto), SC Awards (U.S. and U.K.), SC Marketscope, SC Magazine Newswire and SC Magazine IT Security Executive Forums.

One Magical Year

Faith. Trust. Pixie Dust.



Today I got to celebrate my one year anniversary with The Walt Disney Company. It was a really rough day that got exponentially better as it went but I couldn’t seem to shake my terrible mood. My day started out with the cell phone I just got two months ago breaking and having to get going early since we had to put one car in the shop overnight.  Not a great way to start the day.

For every anniversary, there is always some sort of fanfare at work. Today was no different.  My whole team came in, cake in hand, to wish me a happy anniversary.  Emotionally, it was a very overwhelming moment for me.  I received my one year anniversary pin and was asked by my team for my most memorable moment.  As I thought back over the last 365 days, I really couldn’t pinpoint one. There were so many memorable moments this past year. I got to meet the First Lady, sing with the Candlelight Processional, perform for executives, ride attractions after closing, walk through the theme parks alone at night, lose 65 lbs, complete the Dopey Challenge and make magical moments for people on vacation. Then I thought back further.  I thought about where I was three and a half years ago and I absolutely fell apart. Three and a half years ago, I had bottomed out as low as I could be. Lost my home, couldn’t afford food, pregnant, jobless. I couldn’t contain my emotions when I thought about the long hard road my family had come back from. I thought about the loss of my dear friend and mentor Randy and how I wish I could have called him today and thanked him for everything he taught me that prepared me for the past year in the job I do now.



Weeks ago, I had attended a class where I got to reconnect with a fellow cast member that I attended my orientation with my second day on the job.  I took the opportunity to have lunch with him today and celebrate our one year mark together.  It was so great to unplug and connect face to face. We got to talk about work, about our life experiences and enjoy a delicious meal together.  It’s something I’m looking forward to doing again.

Then, I get the message that my daughter is locked out of the house. Leave work, let her in the house, go pick up my husband, son, get the car from shop and figure out dinner.  I should have run tonight. I should have skipped the cake.  But some days are harder than others.  Tomorrow will be better.

Tomorrow, I get to spend a magical morning helping out our front line staff at Magic Kingdom during our peak attendance time of the spring. It’s the boost I need after overcoming a rough day.

SpectorSoft Selected as Winner of Best of Interop 2014 Award in the Security Category

Interop Las Vegas Recognizes SpectorSoft for Advancing the Business Technology Market

SAN FRANCISCO – April 8, 2014 – Today SpectorSoft announced its selection as the winner of Best of Interop 2014 award in the Security category, recognizing SpectorSoft innovation and technological advancements. The Best of Interop winners were announced on Tuesday, April 1 at 5:30 pm in the Interop Theater on the Expo Floor during Interop Las Vegas, held from March 31 – April 4 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center
For more information visit: www.bestofinterop.com.

“The honor of having our Spector 360 Recon be selected for a Best of Interop award confirms the need for an internal security solution that balances corporate security concerns with employee privacy considerations,” said Jason Judge, CEO, SpectorSoft. “Spector 360 Recon alerts organizations when it detects suspicious employee activities, but to protect employee privacy, only authorized personnel can view and act on the intelligence.”

SpectorSoft showcased Spector 360 Recon at Interop Las Vegas, the industry’s premier technology event designed to inform and inspire the IT community. The Best of Interop Judging Committee, comprised of 16 award-winning IT editors and analysts, reviewed nearly 130 entries and shortlisted submissions based on their significant technical impact and potential to move business technology forward.

“This was one of the best classes of Interop awards candidates that we’ve seen in the Security category in many years, but Spector 360 Recon really stuck out as the most innovative,” said Tim Wilson, editor-in-chief of Dark Reading, who has been a Best of Interop judge for eight years. “Thanks to WikiLeaks and Edward Snowden, there is real concern among enterprises about data leaks – but because of the crossover between work and home computing, there is also real concern about employee privacy. Spector 360 Recon addresses both of those issues.”

“We want to congratulate SpectorSoft and all Best of Interop winners for their forward-thinking approaches to improving business efficiency through tech,” said Interop General Manager Jennifer Jessup. “With so many competitive entries, our judges did much deliberating before naming category winners at the event. We were excited for attendees to be able to interact with these products and services at the expo.”

Best of Interop judges selected winners within the following nine categories:

  • Cloud
  • Data Center
  • Management
  • Mobility
  • Networking
  • Performance
  • SDN
  • Security
  • Storage

In addition to these specific category areas, there were special awards chosen onsite including: an overall Best of Interop Grand Prize, Best Startup Company and an Audience Choice Award named during the keynote on Wednesday, April 2.

About Interop

Interop is the leading independent technology conference and expo series designed to inform and inspire the world’s IT community. Part of UBM Tech’s family of global brands, Interop drives the adoption of technology, providing knowledge and insight to help IT and corporate decision-makers achieve business success. Through in-depth educational programs, workshops, real-world demonstrations and live technology implementations in its unique InteropNet program, Interop provides the forum for the most powerful innovations and solutions the industry has to offer. Interop Las Vegas is the flagship event held each spring, with Interop New York held each fall, with annual international events in India, London and Tokyo, all produced by UBM Tech and partners. For more information about these events, visit www.interop.com.

The post I never wanted to write


Picture it. Sicily. 1922.

If your not old enough to understand that reference, you can probably stop reading now.

Why the Golden Girls quote you ask? Over the past few weeks I’ve been reminiscing and reflecting on all my past experiences with my older sister.  I found out recently that she will be moving from a car ride away to clear across the country.  She’s going from the corner of Florida to the corner of Washington State.

I’ve seen meme’s on the internet that say your cousins are your first childhood friends. Not true in my case. My first childhood friend, and still best friend to this day is my sister.  It may be selfish but I’m truly sad to see her go.  On the flip side, I’m excited for her new adventure, new job and wish her and her husband the best of luck.

20140327_222426I’ve been really fortunate to have my sister by my side along the way in life.  From little league, to high school and to adulthood, she’s been a rock in my life that simply can’t be described or replaced.  We’ve been at odds at times but never beyond approach. Her intensity and commitment to everything she does inspires me to be my best and always put 100% forth.




My sister often comments about how she has difficulty remembering things from growing up.  I know the memories I do have are more vivid because she is a part of them. The first time I went to Disneyland was with her. She was the shoulder I cried on in high school and beyond.  She was there in some of my darkest times. Going from quick weekend trips and visiting to just phone calls just won’t be the same. It sucks and I don’t like it. Does that make me a bad person?  I hope not.  I love being around my sister and I’m not ashamed of that.



As we both prepare for this situation, it will make the time we do have together that much more special and cherished.  Those phone calls that much more important and not to be missed.  I’ve talked to my sister almost everyday on the phone since I found out that she’s moving.  I hope that’s a trend that continues.  I’m looking forward to hearing every detail of her new life and journey.  We’re both in a great place professionally and personally so I don’t see myself moving to Washington and I don’t see her coming back to Florida anytime soon.  My sister spent 14 years in her last job.  I hope her next one goes twice as long and she loves it as much as I love my work with Disney.

Well, it looks like a Seattle budget will be in order for saving up to see my sister.  We are planning to be together when we travel to Anaheim in the fall which is great.  I’m looking forward to taking advantage of opportunities to see her and the beauty of the west coast.

You can follow my sisters journey on her blog at: http://bjmounts.blogspot.com/


SpectorSoft Is First to Provide Comprehensive Insider Threat Detection and Early Warning Solution That Protects Employee Privacy

Spector 360 Recon Balances Security and Privacy; Allows Enterprises to Secure Employee Digital Activity Recordings, Determine When to Unlock Them and Designate Who Can Access Them

VERO BEACH, FLSep 24, 2013SpectorSoft Corporation, the leading provider of insider threat detection solutions, today announced the availability of Spector 360 Recon. Built on the proven Spector 360 employee digital activity monitoring platform, this first-of-its-kind solution is an insider-threat detection and early-warning system that alerts organizations when policy violations, fraud, data theft, and illegal and inappropriate activities are taking place. Spector 360 Recon performs continuous surveillance of employee digital activities, encrypts the recorded data and stores it in a “black box” on users’ local PCs and Macs. Organizations can appoint appropriate personnel to unlock and review this intelligence and make decisions on when to access it based on early-warning alerts. The ability to examine employee activity intelligence following an alert allows organizations to quickly mitigate insider-driven security and policy risks. The ability to restrict access to this intelligence allows them to avoid intruding on the privacy of employees who are not engaged in high-risk activities.

“Privacy-rights advocates clamor for the elimination of any employee monitoring in the workplace, but security and risk professionals know that without the ability to detect and analyze high-risk behaviors they will never be able to defend their organizations against the insider threat,” said Michael Osterman, Principal, Osterman Research. “Organizations that need to protect themselves against data breaches and fraud without intruding on employees’ privacy will have to adopt solutions that provide a balance between security and privacy.”

Spector 360 Recon allows customers to record, store and encrypt employees’ activity data on their local PCs and Macs, detects suspicious activities and then generates early-warning alerts. If it is determined that a threat exists, customers can quickly and easily decide who should have access to the data, unlock it, review it and then take action to neutralize threats. Spector 360 Recon also allows customers to delete all stored information after a predetermined time, further preserving the privacy of employees who have not given their organizations reason to believe they are a threat.

“Employees are a company’s greatest asset, and data is its biggest target. Organizations are striving to achieve maximum security, but want to respect privacy out of respect for their employees,” said Jason Judge, CEO, SpectorSoft. “SpectorSoft has helped its customers achieve security goals for more than a decade. We’re confident that Spector 360 Recon will continue to safeguard data while helping maintain a work environment where employees feel respected and trusted.”

Based on the proven Spector 360 platform, Spector 360 Recon offers enterprises a wide range of features and benefits that strengthen security while providing the maximum degree of privacy:

  • Early Warning: Alerts based on keywords that are detected in email and instant messaging (IM), files copied to USB, files uploaded via FTP, and applications in use serve as a powerful early-warning system for signs of corporate fraud and other insider threats, as well as for violations of company policies.
  • Local Storage: Recording and storing data on employees’ PCs and Macs eliminates bandwidth, performance and storage burdens on customers’ networks, while ensuring that the data is securely logged in a “black box” for 30 days, in the event it is needed.
  • Role-based Access: Customers can determine who within their organization will have the ability to unlock and review employee activity intelligence, and can enforce those decisions through permissions set within the solution.
  • Comprehensive Intelligence: Granular recording of all user activity, coupled with video-like screen captures, provides absolute proof of any and all security and compliance violations.
  • Policy Enforcement: The option to have automated notifications sent to employees violating security and compliance policies improves awareness and makes it easier for them to comply with corporate standards.

For more information visit: www.spector360recon.com. Spector 360 Recon is available now.