SpectorSoft Survey Reveals 23 Percent of Enterprises Have Experienced an Insider-Driven Data Breach

On Average, 28 Percent of Employees Are Transferring Company Information via Personal Email, Personal Cloud File Share Accounts and USB Storage Devices

VERO BEACH, FL–(Marketwired – Sep 24, 2013) – SpectorSoft today released results of its recent survey, revealing that 23 percent of enterprises have suffered from an insider-driven data breach; on average, 28 percent of employees are using personal cloud email, file-sharing accounts and USB storage devices to transfer corporate data; and intellectual property (IP) is among the most frequently breached data types. The survey, conducted in August, polled 419 enterprise respondents and 200 full-time end-user employees, all from U.S.-based organizations. Both sets of respondents worked in companies of various sizes and within multiple industries.

“This survey reveals that the insider threat is alive and well, that employers haven’t yet figured out how to discourage or prohibit unsafe data handling practices, and that enterprises’ most valuable data is at risk,” said Jason Judge, CEO, SpectorSoft. “To protect themselves against the insider threat, organizations need visibility into precisely what their employees are doing, something that can’t be captured with traditional technologies.”

Additional survey findings drawn from enterprise respondents include the following:

  • 77 percent have policies against employees using corporate computers for personal use.
  • 98 percent have discovered employees visiting non-work-related websites with company computers.
  • 47 percent discovered that former employees took information with them when they left the company.
  • 44 percent of the time, insider-driven breaches include intellectual property, business plans, technology designs, M&A information and information that corporate policy says should not be sent outside of the organization.
  • 53 percent of enterprise respondents have discovered that employees are using company-issued devices to send various types of company information to personal email accounts and cloud-based file-sharing accounts such as Box, DropBox or Hightail (Formerly YouSendIt).

Additional survey findings drawn from employee respondents include the following:

  • 33 percent transfer corporate information via personal Yahoo! email and Gmail accounts.
  • 23 percent transfer corporate information using Box, Dropbox or Hightail (Formerly YouSendIt).
  • 28 percent transfer corporate information using USB storage devices.

For more details on the survey findings please access the full report at http://www.spector360recon.com/report.

The First Disaster Preparation Step Is An Incident Command System Training Course

There is a something common to every contingency whether man-made or natural; the chaos that engulfs the people affected. When a disaster begins to unfold, fear, confusion and panic are the first hurdles a group must overcome. The knowledge gained from an Incident Command System Training Course helps a leader eliminate the disarray.

In most societies, the general population subjugates itself to a leadership that is then responsible for aggregate safety and security. People expect a functional police force, firefighters and medical contingents to handle things when a disaster occurs. Each community makes its own choices on how much or little they wish to expend on preparation for crises, and there must be a balance between being prepared and wasting resources.

While each place is unique, there are certain aspects of emergency response that are similar in any contingency, natural or man-made. Having resources ready and the instructional materials and actual hands on education accomplished in advance of an event is key to minimizing the impact of damaging events. Being able to handle such events requires foresight and preparation, a commitment the community must be willing to make.

History is a great teacher, but only for those willing to learn and accept that catastrophic events can occur anywhere, and the wisest groups make the positive decision to be ready for them. Studying the error from the past reveals much in how to deal with future problems. Problems with communication and coordination can create a nightmare in situations requiring fast effective action to save lives.

No group can be ready for every possible contingency, and yet there is a body of knowledge which can help them prepare or the most likely scenarios. In addition, if the response process is designed to allow for expansion and contraction to accommodate even unforeseen problems, the probability of savings lives and property are greater. Knowing how to get the right kind of assistance and from where is almost as good as having it.

With all of the disasters that have befallen the US, there is much experience to be gained from studying past events. Following what many believe was a flawed response to hurricane Katrina, a nationwide effort to create a better process was implemented. The National Incidence Management System was developed to ensure a standardized way of tackling crisis management.

With instruction and certification, every part of this team learns their individual role in handling the crisis. They also learn they are part of a larger team, so they can focus on their area of responsibility confident that others will handle theirs. Standardized instruction means that when a crisis is larger than local resources can handle, another increment of expertise can be requisitioned from almost anywhere.

No matter how much energy and effort is expended readying a team to handle disasters, it will seem all for naught in the early stages, as every event unfolds uniquely. The communities who embrace the notion that being ready saves lives and resources will fare best when disasters strike. A key to making it happen is having a leader who has completed incident command system training course.

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Some Helpful Fire Department Training Ideas

Firefighting is such an unsafe job. This would need great skills and agility for one to successfully do this job. Firefighting would also bring too much responsibility. This task will test your ability to save the lives of various people. In order to become one, you must pass several strict trainings to test your fitness and capability to do such rigorous activities. Some fire department training ideas are provided to aid many people who want to learn more about this kind of task.

A complete body check up is needed before you would be deployed in such dangerous task, it is necessary that one has a fit mind and body so that you can accomplish the task properly. Gyms provide trainings that would test your muscular endurance and the like. Also, people who are suffering pulmonary problems are not advised to dive into this type of job. They will be too much exposed to smoke and heavy running which might only cause more complications in the end.

Each fireman is requested to wear proper attire. Volunteers and trainees are also asked to wear the same. This would somehow serve as a protection from falling objects and debris. This would also avoid them from being exposed to heat that might cause them burns.

As a firefighter, you need to become qualified emergency medical technicians as well. Having a night class at a local college about medical training or maybe becoming a volunteer at any hospital would give you more idea about basic first aid techniques. In doing this, you will somehow be motivated and eventually, you will find yourself very dedicated in your course.

Some stations in the locality accept volunteer firefighters. By doing this, one could gain different experiences from various situations. Also, they do conduct some qualifying tests and examinations to become a legitimate firefighter. They give out evening classes as well in case they need to learn more things about their duties and responsibilities.

A degree is not required when you wish to join the fire service. But, this can help you obtain much higher ranks when you wish to apply for it. There are some courses that concern about fire science as well. Upon enrolling such, one would gain knowledge regarding the causes of fire and create new ways to prevent and deal with it.

Mock drills can also be done to teach individuals on how to think fast and be alert for situations even under stress. Everyone must take turn and become a leader by blowing a whistle loudly on a certain drill. With this, their leadership skills will be tested. Also, they would be more knowledgeable about the actual events during a fire.

Each of them should have a checklist about all the extinguishers and exits of a certain place. Ask them to create an escape plan emphasizing the routes and exits that are found in it. They must also know the different evacuation sites for the victims in case or emergencies.

One should be knowledgeable at times especially about fire department training ideas. Make sure to think ahead to be able to land a successful job in your chosen field. Always be willing to learn new ideas and surely you will be a responsible individual.

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The Benefits Of Behavior Analyst Alabama

Behavior analyst Alabama refers to an individual whose main specialty is dealing with the behavior of various individuals in the population. He usually is based in many different places where his services are called for. With the rising levels of psychological problems, his assistance is greatly needed.

One of the places where these people are stationed is in the centers that offer guidance and counseling services. Counseling usually deals with the psychology of a given individual and this is what this person has specialized in doing. Here, they can talk to the patients, and address their issues. However, their skill is very vital, because solutions are better applied when they are given in line with the character of an individual.

They also are very crucial in mental rehabilitation centers. This usually is one of the most delicate places because the actions of the people kept there can never be predicted. As such, these professional is well trained on how the psychology of these individuals work. This enables him to be able to know how to handle a patient when they display certain weird characteristics. He also holds counseling classes to assess the progress of the patients in order to also help them to heal faster.

In order to deliver maximally in his service, he has had to keenly study the different types of behavior that exist among the people in the population. One is that group of people, who more than anything else appreciate eating so much. As such, they have got very large sizes of body. Besides this which society may not appreciate much, these people are usually the most enthusiastic in performing a tack. However, they in most case offer to do a given task but end up doing it in a way that is not appealing to the people that assign it to them. They also are very social.

The other category of people is that who have medium sized but very well built bodies. These individuals usually are very calm and do not talk much. They also have a remarkable organization in almost everything that they do. Most people associate them with leadership skills. However, their skills in leadership are in most cases dictatorial. They always expect other people to take their line of thought and nothing else but just that.

The third category has the kind of people that just like keeping to themselves. They are never enthusiastic about joining activities involving crowds, but prefer staying alone and meditating about various things. They however make among the greatest intellectuals in society, because they are the kind of people that are so much interested in making new discoveries of a series of things.

The specialist can never operate independent of knowledge on the behaviors discussed above. This is because all the people normally have either of the characters which for effective treatment, these behaviors must be prioritized.

Behavior analyst Alabama as a specialist in the medical field as well as other independent fields has proven very instrumental in virtually all operations. His services have gained so much popularity.

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