SpectorSoft Announces FREE Disk Monitoring Software

VERO BEACH, FLSept. 24, 2014 — SpectorSoft™, a leader in the user activity monitoring and analysis market, today announced availability of SpectorSoft FREE Disk Monitor™, a set of capabilities formerly only available for purchase within the proven SpectorSoft Server Manager software product. SpectorSoft FREE Disk Monitor provides small IT teams a convenient dashboard for monitoring disk space and ensuring resource availability across all their network storage resources. The software comprises a comprehensive set of disk monitoring and file utilization features not found in other free products.

While the complexity of disk monitoring has increased during the past few years, so have other business-critical demands on scarce and expensive skilled IT personnel, who are expected to manage all aspects of a fast-changing environment and keep systems running seamlessly. Effective utilization of resources is key in every department within an organization. Ensuring proper management of disk space is critical to a business continuity plan. Running out of disk space can result in a loss of services, unproductive users, and potentially corrupt data. FREE Disk Monitor provides one convenient place to monitor the entire network storage resources.

Product Details

SpectorSoft FREE Disk Monitor tracks disk space and utilization, directory and file sizes, temp file information, and file and folder permissions to protect data and ensure storage availability. A single easy-to-navigate dashboard displays all critical disk resources information, including:

  • Free disk space
  • Utilization
  • Smart predictive failure notifications
  • Directory size
  • Large or temporary files
  • Access permissions
  • File extension breakdown
  • Active or idle files

Users can view disk monitoring information in real time on a dashboard, receive scheduled email notifications, and also post the data to an Intranet web server or write it to a SQL database.

About Server Manager

SpectorSoft Server Manager™ offers server monitoring and event log management scalable for large enterprises or small businesses, while remaining extremely cost-effective. Customers can proactively monitor and manage the performance and traffic on the network, while fulfilling HIPAA, PCI DSS and SOX compliance requirements. The client/server architecture enables users to manage the network and receive desktop notification from any location.

Free Availability

Previously, organizations could only get Disk Monitoring capabilities by purchasing them as part of the SpectorSoft Server Manager product. To get FREE Disk Monitor, users can now download and install a trial of Server Manager that will last for 30 days. Once the trial expires, users enter the license for FREE Disk Monitor to receive unlimited ongoing disk monitoring functionality.

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