How To Identify Funny Inspirational Blogs

The internet is awash with funny inspirational blogs written by different authors. They touch on a variety of topics in such a humorous way that will lighten any gloomy day. The areas covered by the humor include science, arts, history, religions and personalities. Others inspire through leadership examples from all over the world. The sites use real life stories and creative twists to encourage persons who are going through difficulty.

Inspiring writers use religious quotes, verses and narratives to pass their message. Some of the blogs specialize in Christianity with verses from the bible as the basis of their inspiration. There are bloggers who use the Quran while others get their literature from books on Hinduism and other religious groups. It is common to see a writer who combines pieces from all religious books to accommodate the views and beliefs of everyone. The target audience is global.

The trend adopted by bloggers to engage and offer more resources to readers includes use of images and videos. Power point presentations are intertwined with sound and graphics to make it engaging. The images and pictures are of famous persons, sculptures, natural land forms, animals and world renowned structures. What is inspiring is their lifestyle, stories of survival, process of construction or how they have changed the course of history. These attributes are picked and reflected upon for humanity to emulate.

There is a lot of inspiration in history and bloggers have recognized it. Individuals whose conquest in battles and personal endeavors changed humanity have been used as solid examples. Current and future generations are called upon to emulate their zeal and courage for the benefit of humanity. There are incredible stories emanating from devastating plagues, earth quakes, droughts, famines, floods and such calamities.

Scientific discoveries have inspired people to pursue greater goals in life. Persons traveling in outer space and the innovations made by scientists encourage people to go beyond their current limits. The endurance that goes into accomplishing certain feats in science is a great lesson for humanity. It is obvious that discoveries are as a result of years of experiment and patience.

Writers have been following the lives of accomplished women and men in sports and presenting it with humor and for inspiration purposes. They focus on their conquest through diet, rigorous training, achievement and choices in life with the aim of accomplishing more. The same case applied to celebrities in music, acting, art and other fields who have overcome through courage and determination. The stories about their lives act as examples for others to follow.

There are funny blogs run by professionals with subjects that only relates to their line of duty. Encounters with clients, ideas, situations and awkward moments present episodes that are fun and can only be understood by those in the profession. There are sites for doctors, teachers, drivers, travelers, hospitality workers, etc. Their content and presentation is unique and in such a way that only particular people can understand.

The list of funny inspirational blogs is endless and the variety in content is amazing. Presentation is in form of pictures, stories and short quotations, real life experiences and creative work. The sites inspire humanity to overcome adversity by focusing on the lighter side. Fun is part of healthy and inspired living.

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