The post I never wanted to write


Picture it. Sicily. 1922.

If your not old enough to understand that reference, you can probably stop reading now.

Why the Golden Girls quote you ask? Over the past few weeks I’ve been reminiscing and reflecting on all my past experiences with my older sister.  I found out recently that she will be moving from a car ride away to clear across the country.  She’s going from the corner of Florida to the corner of Washington State.

I’ve seen meme’s on the internet that say your cousins are your first childhood friends. Not true in my case. My first childhood friend, and still best friend to this day is my sister.  It may be selfish but I’m truly sad to see her go.  On the flip side, I’m excited for her new adventure, new job and wish her and her husband the best of luck.

20140327_222426I’ve been really fortunate to have my sister by my side along the way in life.  From little league, to high school and to adulthood, she’s been a rock in my life that simply can’t be described or replaced.  We’ve been at odds at times but never beyond approach. Her intensity and commitment to everything she does inspires me to be my best and always put 100% forth.




My sister often comments about how she has difficulty remembering things from growing up.  I know the memories I do have are more vivid because she is a part of them. The first time I went to Disneyland was with her. She was the shoulder I cried on in high school and beyond.  She was there in some of my darkest times. Going from quick weekend trips and visiting to just phone calls just won’t be the same. It sucks and I don’t like it. Does that make me a bad person?  I hope not.  I love being around my sister and I’m not ashamed of that.



As we both prepare for this situation, it will make the time we do have together that much more special and cherished.  Those phone calls that much more important and not to be missed.  I’ve talked to my sister almost everyday on the phone since I found out that she’s moving.  I hope that’s a trend that continues.  I’m looking forward to hearing every detail of her new life and journey.  We’re both in a great place professionally and personally so I don’t see myself moving to Washington and I don’t see her coming back to Florida anytime soon.  My sister spent 14 years in her last job.  I hope her next one goes twice as long and she loves it as much as I love my work with Disney.

Well, it looks like a Seattle budget will be in order for saving up to see my sister.  We are planning to be together when we travel to Anaheim in the fall which is great.  I’m looking forward to taking advantage of opportunities to see her and the beauty of the west coast.

You can follow my sisters journey on her blog at: